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Tax software data transfer conversion

It’s easy to switch to TaxSlayer Pro. Convert all important client tax data from your previous desktop software provider to any of our software packages. Now you can save time and money by converting your data yourself.

How It Works
What Data Is Converted
Software Supported
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How It Works
What Data Is Converted
Software Supported
Additional Resources
Tax Conversion Process

How it works

Convert your desktop data in a few easy steps:

Step 1

Log in to TaxSlayer Pro desktop software with your Admin or Superuser information.

Step 2

Navigate to Utilities > Run Conversion Program > New Conversion > Desktop. Click Submit.

Step 3

Choose the Program you would like to convert and select the correct Path to Program Data.

Step 4

Click Start to begin the conversion. You will see a green box and the word “Done” when your conversion is complete.

* TaxSlayer Pro can only convert data if it can access the data file.

What data will be converted?

What information…

Will be converted:

  • All personal information (taxpayer name, date of birth, SSN, spouse info, dependents, filing status, etc.)
  • All names for businesses, proprietors, estates, shareholders, entities, etc.
  • Capital gains and losses, percentages, balances, and other carryover amounts depending on information collected in software
  • Depreciable assets
What information…

Won't be converted:

  • State data
  • Form 1040 NR
  • Form 990
  • Form 1041
  • Form 5500

What tax software
is supported?

TaxSlayer Pro’s data conversion process currently supports the following software and returns

Select tax form for conversion

Tax Software 1040


Note: If you select ProWeb as your software package, all individual returns (1040s) can be transferred over. However, this package does not support Form 1065, 1120, 1220S, or 1041. Learn more.

Choosing the right tax software

Before you transfer your data, make sure you find the best tax preparation software package for your company.

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Looking for additional resources?

We have many informational resources for professional tax
preparers, including a blog, exclusive guides, and a help center.


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