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TaxSlayer Pro + The TaxBook WebLibrary

TaxSlayer Pro has partnered with the most trusted name in tax research to provide affordable, fast, and accurate online tax research to our tax preparers.

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Who is The TaxBook?
The TaxBook Features
Easy Integration
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Who is The TaxBook?
The TaxBook Features
Easy Integration
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Who is The TaxBook?

The TaxBook (TTB) WebLibrary is the go-to source for fast answers to simple or complex tax questions with affordable and fast online tax research. It is crucial for preparers to have the most up-to-date tax information at their fingertips. Preparers can find information fast with well-written and easy-to-understand explanations and examples. Preparers will spend less time researching and more time serving their clients with this tool. The TaxBook is integrated into TaxSlayer Pro’s software, making it convenient and easy to access while preparing taxes.

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The TaxBook WebLibrary Features

Get access to these great features and more when you sign up for The TaxBook WebLibrary.

Bookmarks and History

TheTaxBook makes it easy to find previously viewed documents fast.

Up-to-date Content

Government documents are updated to reflect new legislation and the latest information from the IRS.

The TaxBook Archives

In addition to current content, a subscription includes access to previous editions of The TaxBook.

Easy Search

Use The TaxBook Index, Table of Contents, or a Keyword Search to find answers quickly.

Digital or Hardcopy Formats

In addition to the popular web format, The TaxBook offers printed books, CPE, and Client Handouts.

Easy Integration

TaxSlayer Pro makes it easy to access the The TaxBook WebLibrary. Simply click on TheTaxBook icon inside the software to access the wealth of information in a fast-answer format.

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